God Is My Help

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. – Ps. 121:1 KJV

God Is My Help 09062020

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The scripture today is an announcement of a decision made by the Psalmist who has come to the realisation that help is needed. It probably came after considering all the options that seem available to him before settling for this option. Some of the options considered was to look up to the hills or put in another way, the mountains for help.

The word mountain or hills in the scripture can be use to represent a special place of prayer where sacrifices are offered to gods with expectation of an answer. On those hills, several gods are appeased in order to obtain several heart desires. When people are in need of help, they visit these places dedicated to several gods to present their sacrifices and pleas. The Psalmist is not exempted as he too is not isolated from the challenges of this world.

He however had a decision to make which was, which of the gods on those hills he should approach for help with his challenge. He finally settled for the God who made the heaven and earth. No doubt that implies the almighty God.

In today’s world, most worshippers especially Christians hardly go to physical mountains again as such places have either being replaced by other physical places of worship like churches, mosques, temples, shrines or the spiritual temple in man. Whichever the case may be the Psalmist identified two essentials in the search of this help. The first is the need to identify a hill where Ihelp can be sourced and second is to identify the God that one wants to meet at that temple.

These are two critical decisions that need to be made because man will always, at some point, will require help for one thing or the other. There is no one that will not require help in the world that we live in. The help may be spiritual or material. The help could be related to business challenges, family related issues and other personal issues but the bottom line is that it has gone beyond one’s ability to resolve alone.

Like the Psalmist, Christians need to seek their help from the Almighty God that made heaven and earth. That they found it wise to go to the mountain does not however imply that they are automatically seeking help from the Almighty God. There will be the need to consciously seek the help from the Almighty God and not all the other gods that are also present on in the hills.

Christians do attend worship services on different mountains today and sometimes are very devoted to all the activities in such hills but the fundamental question will always be the person that is focussed on while they are on that hill. That delay in receiving that long term request for help may be due to approaching the wrong god for help when you arrived that mountain. Which god did you present your sacrifice to? Any other god aside the Almighty God may not be able to help you but even if they help, it may not last. You need to focus on the Almighty God on that mountain and it is only then that you can receive that help And it will last for ever. May the Almighty God grant you the mercy and wisdom to identify and approach him to receive your desired help in Jesus name. Amen.

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