Call To Repentance

Sermon Notes.
Opening Prayer.
Title: Call To Repentance
Scriptural Text; Lamentation 3:1 – 66
Reference Scripture:
“This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.” – Lamentations 3:21‭-‬23 KJV‬‬‬‬.


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1. Introduction:
a. Jeremiah is credited with this book.
b. He witnessed the pain of his people who were going through the rebuke of God.
c. He was very distressed with what he was seeing.
2. What are the offences of the people – vs. 34-36.
a. Crushing prisoners under their foot in the land when they should be freeing them – Is. 61:1.
b. Denying people of their rights before the most high. God dislikes oppression.
c. Depriving men of justice. God hates unrighteousness.
3. God’s punishment resulting from those offences – vs. 43-54. A situation that brings unending tears to Jeremiah (vs.49-54) because;
a. Prayers are no longer answered – vs.44.
b. The people became like refuse among nations as enemies became bold at insulting them – vs. 45, 46.
c. Terror, pitfalls, ruin and destruction characterise their lives – vs. 47.
d. The people were completely destroyed – vs. 48.
4. Call to repentance – vs. 40-42. Jeremiah appeals to his people to;
a. Do honest self assessment – vs. 40.
b. Return to the Lord – vs. 40.
c. Accept that they have sinned and God this time is not overlooking it – vs. 41-42
5. Accept God’s judgement as just – vs. 26-30. Jeremiah wanted his people to know that;
a. The Lord is good to those who hope in him and seek him – vs.25, 26.
b. It is desirable to bear the yoke more preferably when one is able to – vs. 27.
c. He should face his challenge with God alone – vs. 28-29.
d. He should accept his punishment and disgrace as quickly as possible and move on – vs.30.
6. Do not blame anyone else – vs.37-39.
a. Jeremiah advises against blaming anyone claiming that nothing happens without God’s awareness – vs.37.
b. Good and bad both come from the Lord – vs.38.
c. No one should complain when being punished for His sins – vs.39.
7. Jeremiah himself has experienced God’s rebuke – vs. 1-20.
a. Jeremiah himself has been so punished with various levels of afflictions – vs. 1-18.
b. He remembers his experience with sober mind and regrets – vs.19-20
c. And that is what gives him hope about the Israelites in the plight – vs. 21
8. Jeremiah is also a beneficiary of God’s compassion – vs. 24-26. He came out of his affliction because;
a. He remained with the Lord whom he regarded as his only portion – vs.24.
b. He knew that God remained good to those who hope in him – vs. 25.
c. He recommended that in all situations, one must learn to quietly wait on the Lord – vs. 26.
9. Jeremiah reminded his people that the situation could have been worse but for the following reasons – vs. 21-23.
a. The great love of God prevented their being consumed by that situation.
b. This love;
i. Never fails – vs. 22.
ii. They are renewed every day – vs.23
10. Summary: The Almighty God is a compassionate god. – vs. 31-33.
a. His anger is never for ever – vs. 31.
b. Because of his unfailing love, there is great hope of restoration if one repents.
c. Be humble under his rebuke.
d. He will forgive in the end as he does not willingly afflict or grieve his children.
11. Prayer Points:
a. Tell him you accept your punishment as a fair reflection of your transgressions.
b. Tell him you are sorry and will never intentionally or deliberately go back to them again.
c. Plead with him to forgive you all your transgressions against him.
d. Beg him to show compassion on you and restore you.

I pray for the forgiveness, compassion and restoration of the Lord for all that are sincerely repentant of their sins in Jesus name. Amen.

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