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Simon Peter saith unto them, I go a fishing. They say unto him, We also go with thee. They went forth, and entered into a ship immediately; and that night they caught nothing. – Jn. 21:3 KJV

Re-Confirm His Opinion 21052020

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The scripture today is the story of Simon Peter the Apostle. Yes! the same Peter on whom Christ said he was going to build his Church – Matt. 16:18. The same Peter that Jesus told he had prayed for, to avoid the devil sifting him – Lk. 22:31. Yes! That same Peter who boasted he will never deny Jesus (Matt. 26: 33-35) not even once but ended up denying him on three occasions at close intervals – Lk. 22:54-62. This is the same Peter who was supposed to take charge after the death of Christ. He actually took charge, but decided to lead the followers (fellow disciples) wrongly.

As soon as Jesus was confirmed dead and buried, he felt hungry and all he could think of was to go back to his former profession forgetting that Jesus had expected him to lead the disciples on the next stage of the mission. John’s account indicate that Peter forgot everything spiritual and immediately became carnal in his decision. What Peter did not realise however was that he had a role and destiny to fulfil and that it was no longer about what he could do but what God wanted him to do and that none compliance with this destiny path can come with very negative and severe consequences.

The implication in this instance of neglecting divine path for a self designed one was that the life challenge that he thought he had overcome returned – Lk. 5:1-11; Matt. 4:18. He was facing a life of wasted efforts as all human attempts by him at success, in his chosen profession, met with failure until Jesus Christ came into his life and turned his life around. Even though he was not fishing again, he was feeding well for three and half years and was able to take care of wife, in-laws and definitely children. But a little challenge of three and half days negatively affected his faith in the ability of this same God to continue to provide for His needs. His decision to go back to his old profession reintroduced into his life a challenge he last experienced three and half years earlier. The above scripture informs that he went all night without catching anything only for Jesus to show up in the morning to reveal Himself to him and subsequently reminded him of the divine role he had to play – Jn. 21:4-7. He was supposed to be feeding the flock of Jesus and not himself – Jn. 21:15-18.

Some Christians today are in similar situations where a little challenge of life made them leave their position to go for self designed options based on their ability. They leave the God that provides ability and rely on past achievements, done when God was still with them and not realising that the provider of that ability has left them.

The implications of this wrong move are as listed below but not limited to these list:
1. Old battles that are supposed to have been won re-surface – Jn. 21:3.
2. People of royalty suddenly become naked without shame in public – Jn. 21:7.
3. More people will be victims of this wrong decision as they will not notice quickly that Grace has left the person – Jn. 21:3
4. Such a person will be grieved for being seen as a betrayer and an unreliable personality – Jn. 21:17.
5. People that should be led will be leading such a person as the individual will lose the vision required for leadership – Jn. 21:7.

Peter’s path in life had changed since the day he met Christ and he was told that he will from then on be fisher of men but he had a different idea in his mind. He thought he could always go back to his old profession should this call fail or how else will one explain the quick resort to going fishing once he felt hungry.

Are you sure the challenge you are going through has nothing to do with an expired business idea that you are still operating. God left that business long time ago and you chose to remain in it. With the loss of Grace, you were bound to always struggle in it or meet with complete failure. That the business worked well for you yesterday does not mean it will work in the same manner today. The Grace of yesterday may no longer be there.

Re-confirm from him if he still wants you in that business so that it will not be a wasted effort in the end.
There is a plan of the creator for everyone for every stage of life and the likelihood of experiencing failure and wasted efforts is very high if an individual is working outside this plan at any stage of life. You sure have the right to take a decision that you think best suites you but you should also be ready to live with the repercussion which most times is wasted effort as Grace departs and leaves you naked and shameless. It is worse when your action begins to make more people go astray as in the case of Peter.

Before blaming anyone for that failed business, there is the need to answer these basic questions honestly:
1. Are you still enjoying Grace in that business?
2. Are you implementing God’s Standard Operations Procedure (SOP) in that business?
Your response will definitely lift you out of that situation that seems to be falling short of expectation. If God was involved from the beginning and throughout the period of Implementation, then there will be no space for all those enemies you are wasting your time with and it will be a matter time before all that seems to be lost will be recovered.

However, if the answers to the above questions indicate the absence of God, the solution will be to go back to God’s plan for your life and stop wasting more time giving unmerited attention to all those imaginary enemies. The same Peter went back to the plan of Jesus Christ for his life (Jn. 21:20-23; Acts 2:14-47) and He got greater honour and success more than the fishing profession could have earned him. You may actually be wasting your opportunity for greater glory by ignoring the divine path that has been carved for you. Yes! You can miss your way too. After all you are probably do not have a greater anointing and a better Christian life than Simon Peter but he still missed it.

He was however, smart enough to quickly retrace his step before he dies a failure. You too can do that today so that your life can turn around for good and you can begin to enjoy the life befitting of a true child of God.

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